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Competitions organised at Local level for Members are subject to the Rules of British Riding Club and must be observed as followes;

These MUST be White, Cream or Beige.

Plain Black or Brown which may also be top boots or jodhpur boots, gaiters may be worn so long as they are of the same leather as the 'boots' and have no decoration of any sort.

These may be any traditional style and colour, Show jumping shirts, white stocks, white American collar or white shirts with collar and tie may be worn. Body protectors are recommended.

No jewellery or any items worn in facial or body piercing are permitted. Hair must be neatly secured and must not hang lower than shoulder line when standing normally.
If we observe these Rules at Club level those members who represent the Club at Qualifiers and Championships will find it much easier than being turned away at 'Tack Check'. I speak from personal experience, representing the Club in our first competition at the National Championships at Lincoln in 2009, Heather who was wearing fabric gaiters which she had worn at the Qualifier failed her tack check. The Steward was not interested in the fact that these had been accepted at the Qualifier and refused her entry into the 'warm up' arena. This resulted in a speedy dash back to a team members lorry to borrow a leather pair. As a result she had little time to warm up and entered the main arena one of 92 competitors in her class minutes later upset and frustrated. Fortunately 3 Clear rounds later she took individual 6th place - but it could have been so different ! and it could also have effected the team.
The Steward act strictly by the rules and do not give any leeway, thus it is to our own benefit to ensure we adhere strictly to the RULES.