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Nantwich Riding Club Rules

(Issued by the Committee in accordance with Clause 7 (c) of the Constitution of the Club.)

  • 1. If there shall be any dispute as to the interpretation of these Rules, that dispute shall be referred to the Committee in writing for decision, and which decision will be final.

  • 2a. Members shall always conduct themselves in a correct and courteous manner at all times, and shall have regard to the fact that many of the Club events are held on private property kindly made available to the Club by the owners and/or occupiers. Any officer or Committee Member of the Club or an official appointed for an event shall have the right to caution a member as to his/her behaviour at the time and if thought necessary to report the matter formerly to the Committee for consideration, and any action which the Committee consider is warranted. (See also Clause 6 of the Constitution) In any case involving a Junior member and where it is practicable to do so at the instance of the happening, a parent or legal guardian will be advised. A parent or legal guardian shall always be advised of any reference concerning a Junior member to the Committee.

  • 2b. Objections of any nature must be made in writing to the Committee. Members should be aware that Judges, Officials, Committee Members and Helpers on the day offer their services on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the Club. They must be treated respectfully and any verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

  • 3. At all mounted events all riders whether members or otherwise shall wear hard hats in accordance with B.S.I. specification BS PAS 015 or BS EN 1384 which shall be worn with chinstraps properly adjusted and fastened. Competitors will not be allowed to enter any event unless they meet these requirements. Anyone riding without a hard hat shall be fined £10 (such fine to go to Riding for the Disabled) which if not paid immediately shall entail disqualification of the horse or pony from all events or classes on that day and the continuation of such disqualification until the fine is paid. If a hard hat should come off during an event, the competitor shall stop immediately, dismount if necessary and replace the hat before proceeding. If the event is being timed the clock will not be stopped.

  • 4. At mounted events all riders shall be correctly dressed in accordance with the rules for the discipline in which they are participating. This includes the carrying of whips and the wearing of spurs.

  • 5. At mounted events, the saddles, bridles and tack (e.g. bandages etc.) for horses and ponies shall be in accordance with the rules for the discipline in which they are taking part.

  • 6. With reference to Rules 4 & 5 the Committee by way of notification in the schedule for any event may relax or amend these requirements.

  • 7. In competitive events or classes as noted below, the Club will conduct such events in accordance with the rules indicated except to the extent that they are altered herein or by the schedule for those events or classes (N.B. it is only those rules which apply to the actual running and conduct of the events or classes which apply and those to do with membership and ownership of horses or ponies and registration of horses and ponies and like matters are not applicable unless the Schedule for the events or classes so states. However rules 4, 5 & 6 above will still apply. Show Jumping, One-Day Events, Cross Country, Working Hunter & Dressage will all be carried out in accordance with the Official Rules the British Riding Clubs Competitions.

8. Judges Decisions & Objections.

  • (a) In any event or class the Judges decision is final, however a Judge may amend or alter his decision in the realisation a mistake has occurred. No objection shall be made to any decision made by a Judge.
  • (b) Objections must be made in writing and may only be made by competitors duly entered in the case of a Junior member, by a Parent or Guardian. Such objection being handed to the Secretary or Secretaries for the event with a £10 deposit fee within one hour of the of the happening giving rise to the objection. The objection must clearly state the grounds for which it is being made.
  • (c) On receipt of an objection it shall be considered by the Committee at the next meeting who will decide on the objection and give effect to their decision, which may include amending any result of an event or class to take into account of their decision. In this case the event or class will proceed as if no objection had been made with the right of the Committee to amend the result if its decision is such that this would be the correct thing to do.
  • (d) Having considered an objection and considered it to be frivolous, vexatious or without substance, the £10 deposit may be considered forfeit. If, however, it is considered the objection was valid and reasonable, even though it may have been overruled, the deposit of £10 shall be returned to the originator of the objection. Equally the £10 fee will also be objection is upheld. The Committee’s decision on this is final.

  • 9. (a) At Club rallies and instructional courses any horse/pony shall be rising 4 years old.
  • (b) At Club competitive events any horse/pony shall be at least 4 years old.

  • 10. If it is desired to enter a horse/pony twice in different age groups with different riders, then only the first rider may go competitively, the second must go non-competitively. In the case of a family with only one horse/pony a special dispensation may be granted if the person(s) concerned make application to the Club Secretary not later than 14 days prior to the event. Such dispensation if granted may be limited to one event only or if warranted for a longer period of time provided circumstances do not change.


  • (a) It is a condition of Membership that Members or in the case of younger Junior Members their parents or legal guardian shall assist in preparing for, running of events, and clearing away for Club events when called upon to do so by the work rota’s which are issued from time to time. It is appreciated that Members may find it impossible to fulfil this requirement on occasions due to holidays or ill health etc. Members are reminded that if they are unable to fulfil their duty personally, they should endeavour to get another Member to cover for them or swop duties with another Member . Any Member failing to fulfil their Work Rota duty without having made alternative arrangements will automatically be suspended from Membership for 6 weeks following the day of the event, unless in the meantime they furnish a reasonable explanation to the Chairman.
  • (b) For certain Club Events it is a condition of entry that a helper is provided as notified in the Schedule, and in any case where a helper or substitute is not present at the event the competitor will be excluded from the event unless a reasonable explanation is given.

  • 12. In the case of those Club events where entries close prior to the event:-
  • (a) Substitution of the horse/pony or rider will be permitted provided good reason is given
  • (b) Late entries will generally not be accepted, but in the event an entry is late for reasons not within the control of the entrant it may be accepted if it is administratively practical to do so.

  • 13. Members are reminded to read carefully Schedules and Rules for events or classes, which may in some cases, amend, relax or overrule these general rules or some of them.

  • 14. Members are also reminded that it is the duty and privilege of Instructors and/or Judges to comment on and advise upon adverse conditions or unsuitability of Members horses/ponies, but wherever possible such advice will in the case Junior Members to their parents or legal guardians.

  • Members will be allowed to represent the Club at qualifiers/championships, however unless they have attended 8 Club competitions in the previous 12 month’s prior to the competition, the Club will not pay their Preliminary & Championship fees. In this case these fees must be paid by the Member.

  • RESTRICTED PRELIM. Restricted to members that have not won either the summer or winter Restricted Dressage Trophy. However names of restricted individuals will come in front of the committee, who will have the final say on eligibility. This class is aimed at novice riders; however competent riders may ride novice horses in this class provided they ride H.C.
  • 16(a) Additionally those wishing to compete in 3 Classes the following combination will apply. Prelim & Novice, Novice & Elementary, Elementary & Medium

  • 17. The organisers reserve the right to restrict any one horse and rider to entering only two show jumping classes competitively. i.e. novice & intermediate or intermediate and open on the same day, particularly at indoor events when time is limited. During the winter competition horse and rider combination may not compete in the Intermediate or Open classes if they have competed in the beginners class. Additionally if they wish to enter the Open this must be on H.C. level, positions will be recognised, however points will not be allocated. Once a Member has won the beginners Show Jumping Trophy either summer or winter, then they are no longer eligible for the beginners class. However the names of the overall winners will come in front of the Committee, who will have the final say.


  • There are occasions when Members may take part non – competitively in a competition for which they or their horse/pony are not eligible, at the discretion of the Committee or Organiser. However, if a Member rides in a show jumping class at a lower level than that for which they are eligible, then they may not enter any subsequent show jumping class competitively that day over the same course


  • 18. Members Annual Subscriptions must be paid in full prior to attending any Club event.
  • 19. Committee Members are precluded from being elected to the Committee of any other Riding Club.

  • Horses/Ponies must not be tied up and left unattended outside their lorries or trailers. All litter must be placed in any bins provided or taken home for disposal.